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Nettle fiber is considered an alternative to traditional fibers. It is an eco-friendly fiber with antibacterial, antistatic, and thermoregulatory properties. Produced from the stem of the nettle plant, it becomes similar to linen; however, this fiber does not irritate, inflame, or cause itching on the skin, making it suitable for any textile production.

Characteristics of nettle fiber:

  • Easy to cultivate.

  • A sustainability reference.

  • Concern for environmental damage caused by cotton monoculture. Unlike the cotton industry, nettle grows and develops without the need for pesticides, herbicides, or excessive water.

  • Nettle fibers are strong and elastic, with fire-resistant properties.

  • Possesses natural antibacterial properties, inhibiting mold growth.

  • Nettle cultivation is resistant to diseases and pests, requiring minimal or no chemical products, and can withstand more than 40 species of insects.

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