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  • Open-End Yarns;

  • Ring-Spun Yarns (conventional);

  • Compact Yarns;

  • Core-Spun Yarns;

  • Vortex Yarns;

  • Fancy Yarns;

  • Woollen Yarns;

  • Texturized/Non-texturized Filament Yarns.

Fios open-end; ring-spun; compactos; vortex; fantasia; laneiros; em filamento texturizado/não texturizado.
Tela com diferentes finalidade, com vista a servir: têxteis-lar, mercado institucional, fashion/moda e dendência e workwear


Fabrics with different purposes, aiming to serve:

  • Home Textiles;

  • Institutional Market;

  • Fashion and Trends;

  • Workwear - Technical Applications (indoor and outdoor).

Main articles would include taffeta, twill, micro-twill, satin, canvas, panama, dobby, and jacquard fabrics.

Finished Fabrics

Finished fabric different purposes, aiming to serve:

  • Home Textiles;

  • Institutional Market;

  • Fashion and Trends;

  • Workwear;

  • Technical Applications (indoor and outdoor).


Main articles would include solid-dying fabrics, optical white fabrics, yarn-dyed, prints, jacquard, dobby, and fabrics with special features and fancy yarns, produced using different weaving techniques.

Tecido com vista a servir Têxteis-lar; Mercado Institucional; Fashion/Moda e Tendência; Workwear; Aplicações técnicas.

Textile Made-ups

Textile products manufactured for the areas of home textiles, workwear, and institutional.

We can carry out production in Portugal or any other origin, always ensuring quality and service. Products can be packaged individually or in bulk packing.

Produtos têxteis confecionados para as áreas de têxteis-lar, workwear e institucional
Matéria-prima (transversal a todos os produtos) - algodão

Raw Materials
(common to all products)

  • Cotton;

  • Polyester;

  • Lyocell;

  • Bamboo;

  • Linen;

  • Hemp;

  • Viscose;

  • Polyamide;

  • Acetate;

  • Acrylic;

  • Wool;

  • Silk.

Podemos oferecer malhas de diferentes tipos: Jersey; Interlock; Rib; Jacquard; Terry; Frech Terry; Malha dupla; Mesh

Knitting Fabrics

We can provide knitted fabrics for apparel or home textiles in different knits:

  • Jersey;

  • Interlock;

  • Rib;

  • Jacquard;

  • Terry;

  • French Terry;

  • Double Knit;

  • Mesh;

  • Etc.

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