Being present in a fast changing industry, where financial, operational and logistical challenges arise daily, JACOLI has always opted to provide a differentiating service, betting on the innovation, working dynamics, speed of response, and on the creation of a professional structure based on qualified human resources.
Product Development Consulting
JACOLI, using it's technical skills in the field, assists its partners in the product development phase. After acknownledging the type of article/product that customer wants to launch, JACOLI will assist by choosing the best type of raw material to use, the way to use and finish it.
Sourcing and Procurement of Raw-Materials and Products
With an increasingly challenging and demanding market, both in terms of design, delivery time, quality and product's sustainability, there is an ever increasing demanding level for all the players in the production process. JACOLI, for the competences it brings together, can quickly and assertively meet client's requirements, presenting client one or several solutions.

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Agency, Monitoring and Business Management
Due to specifications of the market in which it operates in, but also, by a logic of complementarity and value-added service, JACOLI has always opted to develop its sourcing work in the perspective of the client's needs, instead of having an affiliation with a specific supplier, giving it a fully independent opinion and decision-making process .

To this end, this has always obliged JACOLI to have a good base of suppliers that allows it, any time, and with total independence, to propose to its business partners the solutions that better match their needs.

The service is triggered by an enquiry that ends up with a business proposal and with it's negotiation. Once the order is confirmed, within the terms discussed and agreed between parties, JACOLI processes the order and starts the second phase of its work, which starts from production control (control and inspection, which takes place during and after production), through documentary treatment of commercial transactions (letters of credit, certificates of origin, packing lists, bills of lading, airway bills, among others), transportation monitoring  and goods boarding deadlines's control. JACOLI partners benefit from a well-established network of freight forwarders, and warehouses, which are an extremely important piece on the quality service provided.
Quality control and physical inspections
JACOLI has an extensive network of independent quality controllers with whom it works in each market, whose function is to carry out inspections on the traded goods. These inspectors are people with a textile academic background and several years of experience in the business. Inspections are normally carried out in two stages, during and after the production, according to a globally accepted standard for each type of article. However, it may be the partner to define what type of inspection should be carried out, providing for this purpose the forms and necessary meansfor the prosecution of this service.

JACOLI's network of quality inspectors covers the following markets: Portugal, Egypt, Pakistan, China, India, and Vietnam.
Contracting Home Textiles and Institutional products
In addition to the most common service provided, by working on order basis with each of its partners, JACOLI also works providing of a complete range of home textile and institutional products from different sources, based on the interest and willingness of the business partner. There is thus a series of scale and organization gains, which materializes in a greater efficiency, and hence, a reduction on process and product related costs.
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