Where did we come from and where are we going?

JACOLI started its activity in January 2011 as a purchasing agent for cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics, regularly used in the home textiles sub-sector.

As its activity grew, and at a time when the Portuguese textile industry was re-emerged, the company began to get involved in the yarn supply business, as well as in the supply of raw materials to the sub-sector. clothing, which had been assuming an increasingly decisive role in the weight of Portuguese textile exports.

JACOLI has grown, matured and is today an extremely dynamic company, with a more complete service offering, which is constantly adapting to market needs.

“JACOLI's main objective is to serve its customers and stakeholders”

Our Vision, Mission and Values


Clearly investing in a differentiation strategy, JACOLI is a customer-oriented, innovative, competitive and socially responsible company, guided by principles that aim at business sustainability in all its aspects: economic, social and environmental.

JACOLI intends to be seen by the market as a sourcing and procurement company that works rigorously for customer satisfaction, and that differentiates itself from other competitors by guaranteeing the quality of the product and the service provided, through a careful choice of suppliers with who works, compliance with legal requirements, and the promotion of high levels of knowledge and training of its employees, assuming a commitment to continuous improvement of its service. Thus, it implemented a Quality Management System applied to the activities of “provision of sourcing and procurement services for yarn, raw fabric and fabrics” in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.


JACOLI’s mission is to build an efficient organizational structure, based on simple and well-defined business processes, being able to serve customers with the highest standards of quality, speed and efficiency.


Aware of the difficulties and challenges that will arise along its path, JACOLI guides its activity by values such as honesty, rigor, impartiality, flexibility, dedication, team spirit and the spirit of mission.

The company believes that this is the only way forward to play its role well and be able to deal with the different opportunities and threats in the sector.

"JACOLI enables the customer to develop a better product, while allowing the reduction of production and replacement costs"

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