How it all started
JACOLI started its activity in January 2011 as a purchasing agent for cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics, regularly used in the home textile sub-sector.

As its activity grew, at a time when the Portuguese textile industry was experiencing reviving period, the company became involved in the yarn supply business, as well as in the supply of raw materials to the sub-sector of garments and clothing, which was assuming an increasingly important role in the balance of Portuguese textile exports.

JACOLI has grown, became more mature and is nowadays an extremely dynamic company, with a more complete range of services being offered. The company is now much more keen and suited to handle market's dynamics and serve its path for the future.
“JACOLI primary objective is to serve the textile industry and its stakeholders"
Clearly focused on a differentiation strategy, JACOLI is an innovative, competitive and socially responsible customer-oriented company, guided by principles that aim at business sustainability in all its aspects.
JACOLI's mission is to build an efficient organizational structure, based on simple and well-defined business processes, capable of serving customers demanding the highest standards of quality, service and efficiency.
Aware of the difficulties and challenges that will arise along the way, JACOLI is guided by values such as honesty, impartiality, flexibility, dedication, team spirit and perseverance.
The company believes that this is the only way to play its role well and, at the same time, to be able to deal with the wide range of opportunities and threats of the sector.
"JACOLI allows customer to develop a better product, while reducing production, stocking and logistics costs"
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