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Agency, Follow-up and Business and Order Management

Due to the specific market specifications in which it operates, as well as a logic of complementarity and service enhancement, JACOLI has always chosen to approach sourcing from the perspective of customer needs, rather than aligning with specific suppliers, thereby reversing the traditional agent's "Modus Operandi."

To achieve this, the company has always maintained a solid base of suppliers that enables them, at any given moment and with total independence, to propose the most suitable solutions to their business partners' needs.

The provision of this service begins with an inquiry that triggers the presentation of a commercial proposal and subsequent negotiation. Once the order is confirmed within the terms discussed and agreed upon with the partner, JACOLI processes the order and initiates the second phase of its work.


This phase includes production control (inspection and quality control carried out during and after the production process), as well as the handling of documentation related to the commercial transaction (letters of credit, certificates of origin, packing lists, bills of lading, airway bills, invoices, amongst others). It also involves monitoring transportation and ensuring compliance with shipping deadlines and the arrival of goods. JACOLI's partners benefit from a well-established network of customs agents, freight forwarders, and warehousing providers, which are crucial components ensuring the quality of the service provided.

Agenciamento, acompanhamento e gestão de negócio
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